Protner family farm

The Protner farm lies in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, in the hinterland of Maribor, in the hills of Slovenske gorice. This region is known for its friendly people, fertile vineyards and fruit gardens. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the Drava and Pesnica valley, the Pohorje mountain range, and the mountains of Kope and Donačka gora.

We are engaged in integrated grape and wine production and we grow fruit and vegetables in an environmentally friendly way. We serve home-made delicacies (minced lard, grilled sausages, home-made salami, cooked sausages, home-baked bread, sweet cheese pastry called gibanica and wine) in our inn with 60 seats. In our bed and breakfast there is room for 11 guests.

Our herd of fallow deer, which you can admire from only a few meters, makes our farm unique.

We invite you to visit our farm and to spend an unforgettable weekend in an unspoiled natural environment with delicious home made food and drinks.

Our farm in time and space

The Protner family, which was engaged in agricultural activity, was first mentioned in the Austrian archives in 13th century. Ever since land registries were introduced in this region, our farm has been a landmark in the area.

Bojan took over the farm from his father Franc, who at the age of eighty still enjoys working in the vineyards. Bojan’s wife Darja takes care of the inn and the household, his brother Miran is a cellarer. Bojan’s children, Denis, Mitja and Kristijan, are studying in Maribor, but in their free time they help with everyday chores at the farm.

Grandfather Franc still remembers working with oxen and horses, but nowadays the Protner farm is equipped with state of the art farm machinery. Besides the farmhouse and the wine cellar, the farmstead also comprises 9 hectares of vineyards, 4 hectares of forest and 4 hectares of meadows and acres.

The Protner family has always had a wine cellar. People who visit this region love to sit down in these beautiful surroundings and enjoy home-made food and wine. This tradition has persisted for centuries, and in the 1980s the Protners were among the first to open a tourist farm. In those days the surroundings of Maribor were often visited by people from the city who came to have lunch and buy wine and farm produce. In 1983 the Protner farm was the first private winery in the Maribor wine growing region to start bottling its own wine.

At the farm we work with love

It is very important to us to offer healthy, locally grown food to our guests.

Most fruits and vegetables sold in shops are transported by trucks or on airplanes to large grocery stores after being grown in greenhouses and on plantations. They are harvested unripe and before they end up on the shops' shelves they have to go through many storehouses.

At the Protner tourist farm we treat our land and the produce with great care, love and knowledge which has been passed on from generation to generation. We offer our guests only what we have grown on our farm. The fruit is picked at its ripest and the vegetables are seasonal. Our livestock fodder is also grown on the surrounding meadows and fields. Such an approach guarantees a harvest of the highest quality.

Integrated local agriculture

At the Protner tourist farm we farm on our own land, we keep our own livestock, and we grow our own fruit and vegetables by means of integrated cultivation.

We use environmentally friendly agriculture practices that give preference to natural phytosanitary and crop protection measures (organic fertilisers) and reject genetically modified organisms, hormones and plant growth regulators. The purpose of integrated farming is to produce healthy and quality produce in an economically sustainable way with a controlled use of prescribed fertilisers and pesticides. On our farm we work in harmony with nature, ensuring a balance between soil, plants, animals and humans.

In Slovenia, the tradition of integrated agriculture is only twenty years old; fruit growers were the first to introduce it, followed by winegrowers and then vegetable and crop farmers. At the Protner tourist farm we have been working in harmony with nature for as long as we can remember.

Because we are part of the national programme of integrated agriculture, we comply with all the rules, technical regulations and other instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and its accredited supervisory institutions.

At our farm you can enjoy products that were grown locally in compliance with the rules of integrated agriculture. In this way we support local biotic diversity and produce high quality, safe and healthy food.