Cuisine (Inn)

Our guests will enjoy farm-fresh produce at our tourist farm, and will have an opportunity to see first-hand how the food and wines we offer are produced. In summer you can enjoy our lovely terrace and its view of the surrounding vineyards. In fine weather you can see the solitary mountain Boč to the south as well as the Peca mountain range to the east.

We serve home made food. You can sample meat preserved in minced lard (kiblflajš), which is traditional in this region, Kranjska klobasa sausage, pork terrine, minced lard (zaseka) and our delicious home-made deer salami. To cold cuts we add seasonal home produced vegetables and fresh hard boiled eggs. In winter we serve grilled sausages with sauerkraut and koline (various types of meat and sausages served with sauerkraut and other side dishes).

We season our food with home-made pumpkin seed oil made from the seeds of the Styrian oil pumpkin.

Every weekend Darja bakes bread and a local specialty, a sweet cheese pastry called gibanica, in a stone oven according to a traditional family recipe. You simply must try these delicacies.

We also serve home made wine and spirits in our inn. You can also visit our wine cellar by appointment and enjoy a wine tasting.

About pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkins grow well in light soil and are quite frost tender. Hot and sunny summers in the region of Styria are ideal for growing pumpkins, which have been grown in this region ever since the 17th century.

Pumpkin seed oil is a culinary speciality of the Štajerska and Prekmurje regions. It is a Slovene product with protected geographical status, confirmed by European Commission registration. The most widespread use of this oil is in salads. Because of its aromatic nature, it is also suitable for cold dishes (curd, cold cuts); moreover, it can be used as a spice for gravies. Some chefs even use pumpkin seed oil for desserts.

Pumpkin seed oil is very healthy and nutritious because of its essential fatty acids, selenium and different vitamins, especially vitamin E. Studies on phytospheric substances in pumpkin seed oil have shown that its consumption has beneficial effects for the prostate. Pumpkin seed oil has also been used as a home remedy since the year dot.

About deer salami

Deer salami is our speciality. We use only the best deer and pork meat and spices – our recipe is a family secret. The salamis are carefully cured and left to dry for two months in a cold drying chamber. We produce this speciality only a few times per year.